Special Counsel May Investigate Hunter Biden for Money Laundering & Fraud

Special Counsel May Investigate Hunter Biden for Money Laundering & Fraud

It is payback time for the Robert Mueller investigation. Trump is still angry about the Robert Mueller inquiry into his so-called financial ties with Russia and the fake Russian dossier. Mueller did not find anything unusual, and the investigation turned out to be an invasive witch hunt.

President Trump is assembling a team of special counsel members to investigate Hunter Biden actively. As the son of President-elect Joe Biden, he has a history of illegal dealings with foreign governments and entities.

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted:

"I have nothing to do with the potential prosecution of Hunter Biden or the Biden family. It is just more Fake News. Actually, I find it very sad to watch!"

The Hunter Biden Story Deepens

In 2015, Burisma, the Ukraine Gas Company, was paying Hunter Biden $50,000 per month as a board member while the President-elect was serving as the middleman between America and Ukraine.

Now, new allegations surfaced this week that Hunter Biden asked Chinese mogul Ye Jianming to wire $10 million in a 2017 email. Biden needed the money to fund his venture, the SinoHawk Holdings. Jianming never sent the funds, and SinoHawk holdings were dissolved.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Biden and Jianming started another company, Hudson West III. Biden quickly got the new organization a credit line for $100,000 and bought expensive items like plane tickets, Apple products, deluxe restaurant meals, and fancy hotel stays.

Eventually, Jianming vanished when China convicted him of “economic crimes” for starting and dissolving shell companies for financial benefits. The Hudson West III company has also since been dissolved.

President-elect Joe Biden believes all this controversy about his son is nothing but foul play. Biden said, “It is what it is. He is a grown man…the smartest man I know. I mean from a pure intellectual capacity…and long as he is good, we are good.”

The Special Counsel

Attorney General William Barr, who had submitted his resignation from office effective December 23, had failed to say that Hunter Biden was under investigation pre-election.

Trump has been speaking with his aides and his cabinet members about who would be equipped to handle the job. During his presidency’s final days, Trump has been granting pardons and bringing political rivals to justice despite William Barr’s two-year investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings.

It is the responsibility of the Attorney General to appoint a special counsel for criminal investigations. After the resignation of Attorney General William Barr, Jeffrey Rosen, the acting attorney general, should take the helm and appoint the counsel, or risk being fired by President Trump.

The president may consider firing other members of his widening circle as he had looked into appointing a special counsel to investigate voter fraud. White House counsel Pat Cipollone and the White House chief-of-staff Mark Meadows have been included in the talks.

The Justice Department

The Justice Department is concerned that any legitimate investigation in the Hunter Biden probe would appear tainted and politicized. A presidential team can appoint a special counsel when it is in the interest of the public good, there is a conflict of interest for their respective departments, and when the attorney general has been recused.

However, the Trump investigation can get over this hurdle to delegate an official special counsel by appointing a group to “act like” the special counsel. Attorney General Barr did this when he gave special investigative powers to attorney John Durham. He was the U.S. Connecticut attorney inquiring into the Russian investigation. Presidential lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, understands the scope of presidential powers to appoint a special counsel.

Senator Lindsey Graham has not yet spoken with President Trump about the Hunter Biden probe but considers it a great idea. Since he is a member of the judiciary committee, Graham believes that a special counsel could investigate not just Biden’s illegal dealings with Ukraine and China but investigate all the aspects of Hunter Biden’s taxes.

On the contrary, Senator Chuck Grassley, who is also on the Judiciary Committee, disagrees. He says that a special counsel is not necessary. The new Biden Administration promised not to interfere with the dealings of the Justice Department. But if there were a special counsel, the members would protect the American people from any interference.

Rosen and the Opposition

Democratic lawmakers are against President Trump appointing the Hunter Biden special investigation. Dick Durbin, the Senate Minority Whip, herald that the Federal inquiry into Biden’s taxes has been going on for months. The new Biden Administration Attorney General appointee should investigate matters with integrity and honesty, without any interference.

Could Rosen be fired before any investigations? Rosen has the opposite viewpoint of President Trump. He believes that the Justice Department should operate in impartiality and independence. The nation strongly believes in the rule-of-law. The court system does not work based on whims, bias, or political affiliations.

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