In a Stunning Turn, Ilhan Omar Praises President Trump

Normally in these pages, we would tend to take issue with much of what Ilhan Omar says. The Minnesota Congresswoman has a disturbing track record when it comes to anti-American rhetoric, even as she serves in the halls of Congress. We have long been disturbed by her hatred of the country that took her in as a refugee from Somalia and elevated her to a position of political power. However, even Omar has recognized the effectiveness of the Trump Administration's response to the national coronavirus emergency we are now facing. According to Omar, President Trump has led an "incredible" response to the crisis by taking actions that help the American people. Of course, we ask why the rest of the Democratic Party cannot put politics aside as one of their most extreme members has to recognize the bold and courageous leadership of President Trump.

We need not recap the entire litany of things that Omar has said since her election to Congress. As one of the members of "The Squad," she has shown a remarkable contempt for President Trump and has treated him very unfairly. However, even she recognizes what the President has done to defeat the invisible enemy that threatens the country.

Omar Recognizes the Sound Policy Choices of the President

Specifically, Omar has applauded the courageous actions taken by President Trump to bring relief to ordinary Americans. In her tweet praising the President, she even cited the words of one of her fellow "Squad" members Ayanna Pressley, who has said that unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership. According to Omar, this describes exactly what the Trump Administration is doing right now as coronavirus threatens the safety and the economy of this country.

Emergencies such as these require a certain degree of national unity. The country unified under the leadership of President George W. Bush after 9/11, and it should do the same here. Unfortunately, we turn on CNN every night to see Chuck Schumer on the airwaves criticizing the President instead of working with him to help provide help to ordinary Americans. It evidences the desire of the Democrats to play electoral politics in the time of crisis as opposed to helping the country. It is sad when the most responsible voice on the national state belongs to Ilhan Omar, and we urge more Democrats to follow her lead in recognizing what President Trump has done and unifying under his strong leadership.

The Democrats Do Not Recognize the Strong Leadership of President Trump

Democrats need to give credit where credit is due and unify as opposed to picking at partisan scabs during these tough times. The point Omar makes is that policy is paramount at this point, and there is no Republican or Democratic way to solve this crisis and help the country through tough times. The only question that should be asked is whether the policy is a sensible one and will help the country. As the Democrats well know, there will be plenty of time to play politics whenever the national emergency recedes. Until then, they need to treat coronavirus for what it is; a war against an invisible enemy. At a time such as these, elections are unimportant when the country is faced with threats to the national safety and economy. Nevertheless, most Democrats continue to try to score political points after numerous attempts to remove President Trump from office have failed.

Even noted Trump opponents such as Governor Andrew Cuomo from New York have praised the President's team for their actions in recent weeks. The tone that Trump has struck has been both authoritative and reassuring and can give the American people the confidence that the leadership in Washington gets it. At the same time, Trump is giving the governors the resources that they need and the freedom to act.

When it takes someone like Ilhan Omar to be one of the first to recognize President Trump's leadership, it is an indication of the sad state of affairs in the Democratic Party that is pathologically incapable of doing anything other than giving in to Trump Derangement Syndrome. In the meantime, we commend Omar for her recognition of reality as President Trump continues to lead the nation through the crisis and commits to doing whatever is necessary to help the country emerge stronger from this. Perhaps maybe she can talk to her good friend AOC and teach her how to recognize leadership.

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