Media is padding the historic significance of Biden cabinet picks

The mainstream media keeps attributing firsts to the incoming Biden administration that is not a first. This could be, in the opinion of many who are either Republican or conservative, that the media wants to ignore the contributions of the GOP. The first person that the media has been celebrating is Pete Buttigieg as the first openly homosexual in the cabinet, but that honor goes to Trump appointee Richard Grennell. Now they are saying that Representative Deb Haaland is the first Native American in the cabinet and Vice President Charles Curtis was back in the 1930s in the Hoover administration.

The news media keeps making statements that keep being proven false, even though there is enough tension in the nation for many other reasons. The appointments of Pete Buttigieg and Deb Haaland are worth discussing, but not telling the truth changes their impact. President-elect Joseph Biden has people wanting many groups represented in his picks for any number of positions. He has been working to find the right people that hit the right buttons for all of the groups that the Democrat Party owes for succeeding in this election on such a level. The election ended and the molding begins.

Representative Haaland belongs to the Laguna Pueblo and is the daughter of a Marine Corps Major who was awarded a Silver Star in Vietnam. After college, she became a single mother and entrepreneur. She started working for the Democrat Party actively in 2012 with the reelection campaign of President Obama in New Mexico. She has been part of the Committee on Armed Services, Committee on Natural Resources, and Committee on Oversight and Reform. Her time with Natural Resources is why many people are saying that she was chosen to be the Biden administration to be the next Secretary of Interior.

Charles Curtis was the vice president under President Hoover and Senator from Kansas. He was both a descendant of Chief White Plume of the Kaw Nation and Chief Pawhuska of the Osage Nation. He was president pro tempore of the Senate and Senate minority whip. He was the first person of color to be elected to be Vice President. Holding that office means that he was part of the cabinet and makes him the first Native American there. He was also the first person to propose a version of the Equal Rights Amendment, even though it went nowhere with voting.

Pete Buttigieg is the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a former intelligence officer in the US Navy Reserve. He is both a Harvard graduate and a Rhodes Scholar, which took him to Oxford. His time in office was seen with a percentage of murders compared to the city's population. While mayor, both the police union and many activists of the black communities were unhappy with his compromises. He has no direct national level experience on any issue dealing with transportation issues, but he has a solid resume for a political appointment that should have few controversies showing up.

Richard Grennell held posts in both President Trump's and President George W. Bush's administrations. Most of his postings were of a diplomatic nature until he was appointed as the acting Director of National Intelligence. There were many that viewed his selection as DNI as controversial because he was not known to have any experience even though President Trump said he did. He was used as an advisor to the Republican National Committee to help bring LGBT voters after he left that post. He has been used by several media organizations of different political views for his opinions on international issues.

Both of the choices by Biden should get through the Senate, even if it is controlled by the Republican Party. Neither are controversial in any manner to the jobs they are picked for. They are just not the historic picks that the mainstream media are claiming them to be. Representative Haaland is not going to have the comments said about her like the controversy that was brought on when President Grant picked Ely Parker. Since Buttigieg is not picked for any law enforcement issues, he will have no reason to worry about getting a vote before the entire Senate. The media should just state the truth, not make up historic facts.

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