First Hunter Biden Has Legal Issues, Now it's James Biden

For a person who spent the better part of two years slinging mud at the entire Trump family, Joe Biden has quite a few issues of his own. In the space of a week, more information emerged about possible wrongdoing on the part of both his brother and his son. The Biden family promises to be a source of disturbing revelations about the intersection between money and power. Now, there are two Bidens under federal investigation, and there are serious concerns that Joe Biden could involve himself in their investigation in a conflict of interest.

Money seems to flowing to the Bidens from everywhere. Hunter Biden uses foreign countries hoping for some leverage and influence with his father as his own ATM. Meanwhile, James Biden is now reported to have received a large personal loan in an apparent influence peddling scheme that has drawn the attention of federal prosecutors. Joe Biden ostentatiously promised that his relatives would avoid all conflicts of interest. However, that train seems to have already left the station as his relatives have gotten rich off his name in the past tense.

The U.S. Attorney Has Hunter Biden in his Sights

For the Biden family, this week's news could not have possibly been any swampier. Federal prosecutors are looking very closely at Hunter Biden's business relationships with the Chinese as well as his taxes. This is exactly what the Trump Campaign was warning against in the latter days of the campaign. However, Big Tech and Big Media decided that the American public should not hear this and shut down the story. Nonetheless, censorship does not make possible criminality go away, and the U.S. Attorney in Delaware is investigating potential illegalities. This is a story that may haunt Joe Biden for years, especially as the American public learns more about what Hunter Biden possibly did.

Now, there are also reports that another federal prosecutor in Pennsylvania is looking into Frank Biden's dealings with a bankrupt healthcare company. James Biden worked for Americore for two years. He took a personal loan of $650,000 from the company. Now, he has scaled back his activities at the company.

James Biden May Have Gotten a Large Loan Based on his Brother's Name

Americore operates rural hospitals. The company was raided by the FBI last year as part of an ongoing investigation into its finances. The company has been accused of fraud, and James Biden seems to be knee-deep in all of it. So what did James Biden do for his $650,000? Supposedly, he scored the fund a larger loan from one of his hedge fund buddies. However, that is not the real reason why he got the big bucks. According to court documents, James Biden allegedly promised that he would get foreign capital for Americore using his brother's name. In other words, James Biden may have promised an influence peddling scheme using the name of the man who may be president soon. What makes this even worse is that the money was supposed to come from the Middle East.

There is seemingly a pattern at work here of Biden family members using Joe Biden's name to enrich themselves. In at least one instance in the Ukraine, Joe Biden may have even helped his family get rich. This may be just the tip of the iceberg, depending on what the U.S. Attorneys find in their investigation. While the Hunter Biden story has drawn some attention, most of the American public has not even heard of James Biden. However, once they learn of the details of what he is being investigated for, it may even make Hunter Biden's dealings seem trivial. James Biden is even alleged to have promised that the company would play a role in health care policy "at the highest levels of U.S. government.

One really has to wonder how the media has been complicit in helping Joe Biden craft a squeaky-clean image when his family seems to have so much dirty laundry. While the mainstream liberal media seems to have not picked up on the James Biden story, there is no doubt that it will. This will cause Joe Biden headaches for the next several years. When the Republicans win the Georgia runoffs, they should begin an investigation into the Biden family's finances so everything can come to light. So far, they have gotten off easy, but that should change in the very short-term future.

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