Trump's Performance Amoi=ng Latinos Shows the Appeal and Draw of Trumpism

Part of the skill of Donald Trump as a politician is a skill for broadening his base. The common refrain from the Left for years was that Trump was targeting a very narrow base that could not possibly be expanded. However, President Trump proved them wrong. Instead of catering to a white base as he has been accused of by the liberal media, Trump has aimed his message at the working class. This transcends race as shown by his stronger performance with Black and Latino voters. Trumpism is not a racial message, but it is one that appeals to the average American instead of the coastal elite.

Once Again, the Mainstream Media Misunderstood Trumpism

The so-called experts have gotten Trumpism wrong from the get-go. It is likely that even the 73 million votes cast for Trump as the resounding victories in down-ballot races will not be enough to get the message across to them. Trumpism is not about a racial or ethnic message. Instead, at its core, Trumpism as about an economic policy that furthers the American Dream. This is evidenced by the strong Latino votes for President Trump in the most recent election.

The experts simply presumed that Biden would run far ahead among Latinos due to identity politics. However, they vastly underestimated and misperceived what is important to many Latino voters. In a way, they assumed that these voters were not fully American, even though they have citizenship and the right to vote. The elitist media, in a fit of condescension, presumed that Latino voters cared solely about ethnic issues as if they were one monolithic block. This is a paternalistic and condescending viewpoint that Latino voters proved wrong on November 3.

What Latino voters really cared about was economic issues. They knew that President Trump's focus on the economy and steadfastness about putting America first would help them in their daily lives. In other words, pocketbook issues mattered most to many Latino voters, pushing them to join President Trump's broad coalition. So long as President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party, the GOP has a chance to make strong inroads into the growing Latino vote. President Trump had the foresight to recognize that Latino interests are not the static and one-dimensional set of ideas that the liberal media would have had you believe.

The average American cares more about getting by every day and getting ahead than they do about the radical agenda pushed by the coastal elites. In ceding their ideas to the radical wing of the party, the Democrats have done the Republicans a huge favor. They have allowed Trumpism to fill the vacuum where the Democrats have advocated in terms of proposing policies that help everyday people.

The Democrats are still playing ethnic politics, while the GOP under President Trump has moved towards economic politics. When the two are put next to each other, even a large part of the ethnic groups will vote based on economics. At its core, this is what Trumpism is about. All Americans care about economic opportunity, and many will vote based on it.

People Vote More About Economics than they do About Identity Politics

The more people enter the middle class, the more their voting interests are based on economics. In a way, the strong economy that President Trump created had the effect of reinforcing his message and bringing even more voters over to his side. Trumpism cuts across any type of racial or ethnic divides and forces people to make a decision more based on which candidate will help further their economic way of life.

Even after President Trump has departed the scene, which will not occur for years, he has left the Republican Party in a strong place. The GOP has established itself as the party of opportunity, and the place for people that want upward mobility. In leaving some of the culture wars behind for economic ones, President Trump has eradicated dividing lines that previously kept people out of the Republican Party. In other words, he has permanently shifted the political debate in a way that has increased the party's support among some groups that were previously deemed off-limits for Republicans. Based on this, President Trump has been even more of a transformative leader than Ronald Reagan in starting a movement that will draw a future blueprint for the Republican Party in a changing country.

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