Vice-President Pence Remains Loyal as Trump Plans His Next Strategic Move

Vice-President Mike Pence has displayed the most human forms of genuine comradery by remaining loyal to President Trump, even in the aftermath of a bitterly contested election.

For four years, he had to navigate the presence of Trump without insinuating any hostile rhetoric. Yet now, that loyalty will be tested by the roughest challenge ever to face a Vice-President.

Voter Fraud

Trump has claimed massive voter fraud, and he has filed lawsuits in several contested states. Verbal commentators want the Trump administration to show proof that there was widespread voter fraud. Where is the evidence? They exclaim. So far, Trump's legal team has produced a substantial number of personal affidavits that point to irregularities in the popular vote.

Because Trump has replaced his top national security advisors at the Pentagon this week, many Liberals fear a coup. They think that once the official vote is certified at the Electoral College meeting, Trump will not graciously step down and officially transfer power to Joe Biden.


Trumpism is strong across the nation. The President is the undisputed leader of the Republican party, and many Americans would love to see Trump return to prominence after conceding the election to Joe Biden.

Trump may consider another run for the presidency in 2024. Because of his age, Joe Biden said he might only be a one-term president.

Hindering a Biden Government

Since election week, Pence has remained mostly silent. At the weekly Republican luncheon, he advised Congress members that he would help defend the two seats that are up for reelection in the Georgia runoff campaign in January.

The Republican Senate is in a tight battle for control of the chamber. Once they win both congressional seats, Republicans will maintain a tight grip on the Senate.
During the next session of Congress, Biden may try to push a progressive Democratic agenda like:

  • Up to $50,000 in student loan forgiveness

  • Green New Deal

  • Universal health insurance

  • Reversal of the immigration ban from states of sponsored terrorism

  • Reentry into the Paris Climate Agreement

  • Allowing Iran to pursue nuclear capabilities

With a Senate majority, the Republicans will block unsatisfactory legislature that may be detrimental to America's national security.

Pence explained at the luncheon that he hoped to continue serving as President of the Senate. However, most likely, Pence will return to Indiana to live a life as a private citizen, something he has not done in many years.

He previously lived at the governor's mansion, and now he lives at the Vice-Presidential residence on the grounds of the Naval Conservatory. Vice-Presidents have lived on the premises since 1970. Once his public service has ended, Pence will be able to write books and give private speeches. Currently, Pence does not own a personal home.

Trump’s Plan

Since November 3, Trump's attorneys have filed 20 lawsuits alleging election fraud. In battleground states, judges have dismissed some of the lawsuits while other cases are going through the legal channels.

Legal claims need evidence and a remedy to be valid. Even if the President's claim that legal votes were irregular, they must be sufficient to overturn the results of the election. That challenge alone represents a tall order.

As far as the recount order is concerned, a few states are undertaking this painstaking task manually. In Georgia, the results are so close that the election secretary ordered an automatic recount.

Congress will consider the Electoral-College votes on January 6. In the absence of further legal disputes, January 20, 2021, will be Trump's last day in office.

The Electoral College

Namely, it may be quite difficult to challenge the election vote in Federal courts. Trump may have another election strategy to challenge the victor, the Electoral College. Seligman said that Trump would need to persuade electors to place their votes for him in states that voted for Joe Biden.

The Electoral Count Act has a few weaknesses. The law is written in an ancient language which makes it difficult to decipher. Many critical issues with the law have been unresolved.

Consequently, state legislators would have to ignore the people's will by electing representatives to vote for Trump. By brute political force, Trump could declare a final victory. Trump could fare better by undermining the political vote and the democratic process.

Meanwhile, Vice-President Pence has done what Trump and his campaign team has asked of him. He has visited states to watch the voting process. Moreover, Pence has supported the President in his claim of election fraud.

The most challenging test of loyalty for the Vice-President is yet to come. Pence must preside over the Senate when they certify and impose the next President of the USA.

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