President Trump Has Broadened the Appeal of the GOP, Contrary to the Predictions

The mere fact that the Democrats needed to resort to questionable tactics to be competitive an election that nearly every pundit said was a shoo-in shows that the future in bright for the Republicans. The outline is there for a future Republican coalition that will be hard to beat in future national elections. The Democrats will need to be extremely careful about which candidate they select in 2024 if they want to have a chance of retaining the White House. For all that the mainstream media criticized President Trump, they still do not understand his connection with voters.

A Juiced Base Turnout Plus Increased Latino Votes

President Trump's recipe for success included inspiring his base to turn out in massive numbers while inspiring enough Black and Latino voters to choose him in large enough numbers. Even if Trump never gained the support of a majority of Latinos, he did not fare as bad as the pundits expected. President Trump sketched out a blueprint for how the Republican Party could win elections both now and in the future.

The media was already reporting on the demise of the Republican Party. The conventional narrative had the shrinking percentage of white voters being the death of the GOP. However, the crucial mistake that they were making was assuming that any voter who is not white is in the back pocket of the Democratic Party. In fact, this is the same exact mistake that the Democrats made too. Now, there is an opening for the Republican Party to appeal to minority voters. In a way, it is the reverse situation that has long faced the Democratic Party in the South. There, the Democrats have the upper hand among Black voters and only need to win about 30% of the white vote to prevail in an election. This is a percentage that they never even come close to reaching. Now, the GOP has built a sizable advantage among white voters and only needs a smaller percentage of Black and Latino voters to win. President Trump has showed that this is a reachable goal.

Black and Latino voters are open to hearing a GOP message that centers on personal responsibility and hard work equalling success. Now, the Republican Party will need to diversify its roster of candidates to take advantage of this opening. Hearing voices such as Tim Scott and Nikki Haley in prominent roles in the party might be enough to convince minority voters to give the Republicans a chance. By making a play for their vote, Trump exposed how the Democrats are taking these voters for granted. The Democrats never had to worry about keeping these voters in the fold.

This is even more important as Latino voters make up a growing part of the electorate. The assumption was that the Democrats would be the majority party because of this. Now, pundits are just coming to realize that Latino voters may be much conservative than they originally thought. All the Republicans need to do is gain 35-40% of this vote in each election, and they will be very difficult to beat. The GOP has its strongest political message in generations that both drives voters to the polls and appeals to a broad part of the electorate. This is exactly why most pollsters completely whiffed on this election.

Democrats Need to Be Worrying About Their Future

All of a sudden, it is the Democrats that need to be panicking about their long-term future. The party is trying to be all things to all people, and it is the Republicans who are largely united behind a single message. This will make life difficult for the Democrats as they know that a large block of voters will automatically be united behind the Republican candidate. Now, it looks to be the Republicans who may dominate national and state races.

America has been a center-right country for decades. This will not change, even as the demographics of the country do change. Instead, it will be the people who change their political thinking to accommodate the notion that America is more suited to conservative ideals. In other words, you cannot just simply assume anymore that certain demographics will lean left. While the media scoffed at President Trump, the one enduring lesson from Trumpism is that every vote in this country is up for grabs both now and in the future.

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