Republican Support is Lagging as Trump Asserts His Position in the White House

Republican Support is Lagging as Trump Asserts His Position in the White House

President Trump's first term is coming to an end. He eagerly desires a second term, and his base would ever be so glad. Trump has received more votes this election against former Vice President Joseph Biden than he did against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Nonetheless, the election did not go the way as some expected. But there was a consensus among the states on how the count would be tabulated.

Democrats urged their constituents to utilize mail-in voting. It was safe and secure amidst a pandemic. They did not want their constituents risking their health to exercise their voting rights.

Trump urged his base to show up to the polls live on election day. The President did not trust the voting absentee process. Hordes of invalid ballots could come in on election day. You would not know if people asked for extra ballots to submit for their favorite candidate.

Republican Support

The majority of the members of the House and the Senate have won their respective races. Now, it is time to support the President.

Eric Trump, Donald Trump's son, wants to know where the vital Republican support is? "Where is the GOP?! Our voters will never forget."

Top ranking Republicans are coming to the defense of the President. Rudolf Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney, held a press conference stating that the Trump Administration is preparing additional lawsuits against the states by requesting recounts.

Senator Lindsey Graham, who has won his reelection bid, came to the rescue of the President. He reiterated that only legal votes should be counted.

At the same time, Senator Mitch McConnel from Kentucky has largely remained silent. He has not come to the aid of the President. He just hopes that every legal vote would also be counted.

However, he happily wanted to confirm Justice Barret to the supreme court without passing the massive stimulus package that the American people so desperately needed.

Election Day

Most people know how election day went. At first appearance, it seemed everything was going according to plan. Traditional Republican states were voting for the President in droves. State after each state gave Trump the win. Suddenly, the tide began to turn with the onset of tabulated mailed-in ballots.

Trump only wants legal votes to be counted, not illegal votes. According to one pollster, ballots are being counted that came in after election day.

Giuliani believes that in no way can all these mailed-in ballots be valid. For instance, you would not know if Biden submitted additional votes for himself or what. Who is verifying ballot signatures to make sure that every citizen only voted one time?

Because of such razor-thin margins, the election is far from over. The Trump Administration is preparing to unleash a deluge of lawsuits in several battleground states.

The Naked Vote

Conversely, Trump must win Pennsylvania as a pathway to the presidency. The state has 20 electoral votes up for grabs.

The vote is extremely tight in Pennsylvania. Presently, Biden is leading by just a thousand votes. Even though the state has finished the traditional voting process, the election county commissioner confirmed they still had another 40,000 votes outstanding. These votes are provisional ballots, military votes, and naked ballots.

Poll workers must examine the naked ballot carefully. Constituents had mailed provisional ballots that were incorrect since they failed to properly follow voting instructions. Some of the mailed-in ballots are missing signatures and secrecy envelopes. At the same time, the USPS is still delivering mail. The deadline for delivery is Friday at 5 p.m.


Georgia has not voted Democrat since the election of former President Bill Clinton. Stacy Adams is credited with mobilizing the urban vote. Notwithstanding, with all the votes in, just a few hundred votes separate President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, which is less than 0.5%. In light of such unbelievable margins, the election officials are authorizing an automatic recount. Official election results are not due until the latter of November.

Concede the Vote

Matt Morgan, the administration's campaign manager, said there is no way that the election is over. President Trump is a fighter. In no way does he plan on conceding the vote to Biden. Trump will leave no stone unturned as he uses every avenue available at his disposal to contest the election's legitimacy.

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