Trump Turns the Tables on 60 Minutes By Releasing the Interview Early

The Left is predictably up in arms about President Trump's decision to preempt the 60 Minutes interview on his own before it is aired. It is certainly an unconventional step, but it is an example of another bold move by the President to put the focus where it belongs before the election. The media is intent on suppressing stories that would harm their chosen candidate while being hostile to President Trump. This is the story before the election because it shows that the media is intent on denying Trump reelection by lying about his record.

Softballs for Biden and Hardball for Trump

All one needs to do to understand the situation is to compare the situations facing Biden and Trump. Every time Biden sits down with the media, you would think that his interviewer has drawn a halo around his head. He gets the kid gloves treatment if the interviewer does anything than fawn all over him. In the event that he is even pressed about anything, it is done with a gentle question, and the interviewer moves on to the next topic. All the while, Biden gets to coast through his interviews and town halls, and the American public does not get to see the confused Biden. His mental acuity is a vital story, and the mainstream media is letting him off the hook.

Another place where Biden is getting a pass is on questions about his son Hunter and the family corruption. The media is suppressing that story as well as other possible blockbusters that would matter to voters. They do not think that they are fit for voters to see in their own paternalistic way. However, state media for the DNC is doing voters a disservice.

At the same time, Trump has been treated worse than possibly any politician in history. His interviewers start nasty with him, and it gets worse from there. They show up, and without any type of pleasantry, get right to the heart of distorting the President's record. Any voter should be able to see the disparity in the way that the two candidates are being treated. The media does not want to hear about Trump's record of success on the economy and certainly does not want to talk about all of his wins in the foreign policy arena. Instead, the interviewers get rude and hostile right off the bat and treat the President with contempt and scorn that does not befit the leader of the free world.

Trump Is Trying to Reach the American Public on His Own

This is exactly what the President is trying to put a spotlight on for voters. His move today is certainly unprecedented, but the media is trying to help Biden run out the clock before he has to answer the difficult questions. Trump does not have to sit for these interviews where the liberal media is treating every question as a trial while they show Biden a double helping of respect and deference.

The latest media outlet to admit to being in the bag for Biden is National Public Radio. Using taxpayer money, they have squelched and sat on stories that could inform the choice that voters need to make at the polls. NPR has refused to report on troubling allegations involving Hunter Biden since it does not want to "waste listeners' time." It does not matter that listeners need the full facts before they choose a president. This same media reports day after day about what they claim to be the latest Trump scandal.

Now, Trump is trying to go straight to the American people. That is part of the reason why the media hates Trump, since he is able to go over their heads and talk directly to their consumers. They despise the fact that he can cut through their spin and say it himself. His hopes for reelection depend on how well he can make his own case because he can certainly count on having to run against the media. His release of the interview was his way of showing the bias against him. This way, when voters watch the softballs being lobbed to Biden on Sunday night, they can think of them through the prism as the beanballs that Lesley Stahl tried to throw at President Trump. If Trump loses, it is because the media placed full hands on the scale and not just fingers.

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