Joe Biden's Inartful and Clumsy Court Packing Flip-Flop

Joe Biden is not ready, willing or able to state where he stands on the issue of court packing. He expects that the American public will bear with him while he figures out where he stands before he announces his position. The truth is that Biden knows exactly what he thinks about the issue but is trying to pull the wool over as many voters' eyes as he possibly can. Since more than half of the ballots will be cast by Election Day, Biden thinks that he can duck and dodge before announcing a stance that may prove to be unpopular.

What really is happening is that Biden is putting his finger into the wind to see which way the wind is blowing. He is probably looking at early voting numbers to see if the Left is showing up to vote for him. If he thinks that he already has their support locked up in sufficient numbers, he will abandon them and oppose court packing. However, if he thinks that he needs to fire up the Radical Left, he may support this assault on American constitutional norms.

Biden Will Pander to the Left after Votes Are Cast

Our guess is that Biden will think that he needs to kowtow to the Left. He is beholden to them and deathly afraid that he will meet Hillary Clinton's 2016 fate. However, he does not want you to know what he thinks if he is even capable of thinking for himself. Biden knows that a large swath of the American public would recoil at the thought of packing the Supreme Court. If not, there would be no reason to hold back announcing his position on the issue.

This difference between President Trump and Biden is on full display. Say what you will about President Trump, he is very forthright about where he stands on any particular issue. Voters never have to guess about what Trump thinks. They see it on his Twitter feed every single day. Donald Trump is certainly not a mystery, and he does not hold back from the American voters.

This is what makes Biden's ducking and dodging even more unseemly. Right now, he is simply asking us to trust him, even though he is under huge pressure from the Radical Left. He expects voters to forget that when they cast their ballot for him. However, this comes off as Biden taking the voting public for a bunch of morons. Americans are smart enough to know the difference and deserve forthright answers from candidates running for president at the time they are casting their votes. Anything else is a case of deception. Joe Biden is not even good at trying to hoodwink voters.

Biden's answer that court packing "depends how it turns out" brings to mind some of the more courageous Democratic candidates in recent years. It even rivals John Kerry's "I voted for it before I voted against it." It is squarely in the same league as Bill Clinton's "I did not inhale." To give such a vague and almost flip answer to such a momentous issue should disqualify Biden from the presidency on its own.

Court Packing Is Inconsistent with Biden's Past Statements on the Topic

In the past, Biden referred to court packing as a "power grab." However, that was in 2005. This was between Biden's first and second runs for the White House but well before his third. Until Biden actually releases a firm position, voters can simply assume that he does think they deserve to know where he stands. Biden is setting the American public up to duck and dodge right up until the point where the levers are pulled.

Until Biden conclusively rules court packing out, you can assume that it is his position. This is just the first of many radical changes that he has in store for the American public. However, it is more likely than not that Biden will not have the support that he needs from the Senate to add justices to the Supreme Court. Court packing is still a position that the Far Left endorses, and it does not have widespread support from much of the Democratic Party. As little as a few weeks ago Dick Durbin (D-IL) was promising that it would not happen. However, if Joe Biden was elected, all bets are off as to whether the Democrats would fall into line.

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