Facebook and Twitter Suppressing the Hunter Biden Blockbuster Is Downright Scary

Americans now know the answer to the question of whether Big Tech would act to try to put the lid on a major revelation that could help Donald Trump win another four years in office. Faced with a burgeoning scandal sparked by the discovery of Hunter Biden's emails, Facebook and Twitter have tried to clamp down on the story and keep people from learning the truth of the younger Biden's activities. This is not surprising after the companies vowed to put a finger on the scale for Democrats after the 2016 election.

The New York Post seemingly published an October Surprise that would let voters know that the Biden family is not the paragon of virtue that they originally thought. Some of Hunter Biden's emails turned up, and the picture that they paint is not pretty. He engaged in some of the worst kind of influence peddling, using his powerful father to pad his own salary. Hunter Biden seemingly sold access to his father in trying to arrange a meeting between him and powerful Ukrainians.

Big Tech Now Gets to Censor the News

One would think that this should be something that the American people should be fully aware of when faced with the choice of electing a president. However, Twitter and Facebook have chosen to engage in censorship to keep the American public from learning the truth. One would struggle to figure out where these two outlets will go next in suppressing speech and censoring opinions.

The New York Post is not exactly a fly-by-night operation. It is a longstanding and reputable newspaper that has been enlightening the country for decades. It has a staff of investigative journalists, and there is nothing illegitimate about the publication. The fact that the results of its investigations can be blocked by Big Tech because they do not agree with the contents is troubling to say the least.

This is just another manifestation of the power that Big Tech has over speech and why the rules that govern these companies need to be changed. Facebook and Twitter have been convinced by the Left that they need to atone for Donald Trump's surprise win in 2016. Now, these businesses are trying to curry favor with Democrats, so they will continue to have the power to dictate what you read and see.

Not only is Twitter playing judge and jury when it comes to what people can read, but it has also locked the Trump Campaign's account just weeks before the election. Big Tech seems to want to muzzle the Right because the Justice Department is taking steps to prevent some of their abuses of power.

These Companies Have Fuzzy Policies and Biased Application of Them to Favor the Left

Facebook and Twitter have enacted very fuzzy policies and have enforced them in an even more confusing way. Big Tech seems to have taken a hard Left turn in this election and is actively trying to drive Republicans from power. However, they are seemingly forgetting that Republicans are customers too. It is entirely possible that that conservative media and voters could entirely break free from the clutches of Big Tech after this election. For many of them, the suppression of the important Hunter Biden story would be the last straw after recent attempts to censor Republicans.

Big Tech simply has too much power. If Trump wins another four years in office, you can count on him taking strong action to democratize social media. If he loses, this could be the beginning of the end of Facebook and Twitter's dominance because Trump's base will likely leave them in droves.

In the meantime, American democracy is at risk, not because of anything that the government is doing but due to what unelected corporate executives are doing to stifle speech. You do not have to be a Trump supporter to understand what a troubling precedent this sets. These decisions allow free speech to be in the hands of companies with a profit motive. They ultimately have the power to keep the American public from knowing vital information about people running for president. Legitimate news stories from longstanding companies are now being blocked. Just because these companies are trying to overcompensate for the furor surrounding Hillary Clinton's emails does not mean that you are not able to read all the news. Facebook does not get to decide what news is fit to print.

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