Trump’s Political Branding Appeals to Voters after Strategic Stimulus Talks

Trump’s Political Branding Appeals to Voters after Strategic Stimulus Talks

Election Day Pollsters

Trump has made voter confidence the mainstay of his reelection. So important is this principle, Trump has ramped up reelection officials to stomp out voter irregularities and fraud. Since the consent decree has been lifted, the Republican Party can engage in poll watching to the detriment of the Democratic Party.

The Trump campaign is dispatching a vast army of 50,000 volunteers to monitor voting operations in crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina.

Party enthusiasts, who have the honor of monitoring polling activities on election day, cannot directly interact with voters. They can, however, check to make sure that polling officials review everyone’s identification, analyze the activities of the voting machines, and monitor the validity of the ballots.

If there are any problems, poll workers can contact the Voter Administrative Offices to relay election-related issues. Trump wants to make sure that people are not standing in long lines and that polling places are stocked with plenty of ballots.

A Contested Election?

Nearly 24 full-time Trump staffers are supervising the poll volunteers. The deployment comes months after aggressive recruitment, key planning, and traveling to necessary swing states.

President Trump is taking a direct interest in the program by implementing major initiatives. The main concern is that the polling stations are running accurately and smoothly.

Because of the potential of a hotly contested November election, Biden has also ramped up polling volunteers in Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. The pandemic has thrown a wrench in this year’s election.

People are already standing in line to vote early. Biden wills that the election will be free from errors and intimidation. Attorneys are on standby to mitigate any damages.

With constituents submitting absentee and mail-in ballots, it may be a few days after the election when the nation will know for sure who won the presidency.

You may remember the fiasco in Florida with the numerous recounts before the onset of the Bush presidency. It took weeks to resolve that matter. In this election, the playing field will be the same for both sides.

Kamala Harris

Indeed, Wednesday’s debate was mild and most irrelevant than the animated debate between Trump — who exhibits strength and power — to a sleepy Joe Biden in early October.

Trump has lashed out at Senator Kamala Harris by calling her a “communist” and a “monster.” Harris is a bona fide far left-wing liberal with guts to spew out immense errors while promoting her work history.

Kamala Harris believes pro-late-term abortion while promoting higher taxes on individuals who make more than $400,000 per year by raising the capital gains tax. She supports the Green New Deal while eliminating the need for fracking.

Instead, Biden may not have the mental acuity to last two months in office as president, according to Trump. Harris could easily exert control over Biden by pulling out all the strings to accomplish her agenda. She could essentially be running America.

Robust Stimulus Package

The president is eager to get back on the campaign trail, with his first stop in Florida potentially on Saturday. White House physicians have cleared Trump from the coronavirus three days earlier than the typical 12 to 14 days.

The myriad of drug cocktails like Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, Regeneron, Melatonin, along with Vitamin D and Aspirin have produced results for the president; he has recovered his health speedily without any severe complications.

Just to think Nancy Pelosi could be orchestrating a “coup” against President Trump. Because of his immediate need for medications to beat the coronavirus in record time, Pelosi wants to invoke the 25th Amendment to have Trump’s presidential powers abated and given to the next official in the chain of command.

The incident came because of the tense stimulus negotiations between the White House and the Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi. Trump threw a hammer in the stimulus talks early this week by calling off negotiations on the stimulus package.

It was the prime strategy for Pelosi to make mental sense of the state of American affairs and to come back to the negotiating table with a fair and acceptable offer. Already, the national debt is above GDP for the first time since the end of WWII. Fiscal responsibility is a must even though Trump wants a larger stimulus package than the Democrats.

Trump has presented the Democrats with a generous $1.8 Trillion stimulus package to the Democrats asking price of $2.4 Trillion. Democrats are asking for extra assistance for local and state governments that have been hammered by the pandemic so that police officers and schoolteachers can remain employed.

Comparatively speaking, state and local governments can borrow directly from the Federal Reserve and US Treasury, on an as-needed basis. The robust economic package would be a win for Trump’s campaign. It would stem the tide of rising mass layoffs and steady the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 while boosting Trump's chances for reelection.

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