Hollywood Bands Together for the Celebrity Cause of Flipping Texas

Hollywood just cannot seem to get over its mission to try to turn Texas blue. Liberal money comes showering down on the state every two years as the Democrats seem to think that their destiny is to pick off Texas from the Solid Red column. Since they were not able to buy the 2018 Senate election on behalf of Beto O'Rourke, they are back trying to flip the state for Joe Biden. We actually think this is somewhat amusing. If Hollywood wants to spend their campaign money, it is better that it is in Texas because they are simply throwing their money away on a kamikaze mission.

Celebrities Want to Tell Texans How to Cast Their Vote Like They Want to Take Away Burgers

The Hollywood luminaries are out in force. The same people who try to tell you how to act and what to say through movies and television shows think that they can also instruct you who to vote for. Julia Louis Dreyfus is out in front of the movement. Since she did not embarrass herself enough at the Democratic National Convention, she is now leading the movement to try to make the Texas Purchase. She is tweeting that people should contribute $38. This represents $1 for every electoral vote in the state. Apparently, she thinks that Michael Bloomberg already has Florida bought and paid for on behalf of the Left. She is joined in her pursuit by Amy Schumer and Pink.

Predictably, these are some of the same folks who thought that O'Rourke was the second coming of JFK. They fawned all over the empty suit that was known as Beto until he not only lost to Ted Cruz but was revealed as untalented during the 2020 presidential primaries. However, Hollywood has taken a shine to Texas because they want to tell Texans how to live their lives.

Hollywood has even sent its avatar down to the People's Republic of Austin to address the faithful. Hillary Clinton is here to help Texas Democrats in a state that she lost by nine points in 2016. Apparently forgetting the scope of the electoral map, Hillary called Texas the "biggest battleground in the country." The Democrats have spent much of the past seven years trying without success to flip the state.

Texas is more competitive this time around, but it is still a reach for the Democrats. States like North Carolina and Florida promise to be closer than Texas. If the Hollywood machine wants to soak up the Democrats' small donor base to pour money into Texas, then it is not a terrible result. This keeps the liberal money focused on a race where the Democrats do not have as big of a chance of success. It is better pouring money into Texas than it is to Georgia, where the presidential election is close and there are two Senate seats up for grabs.

Moreover, Texas is still a conservative and traditional state no matter what Hollywood says. Texas voters may remember the money that Harvey Weinstein rained down for the Democrats over the years. We think that Hollywood's campaign to flip Texas may leave a lot of bitter Texans who value their liberty and take their vote seriously.

The Republicans Still Need to Monitor the Political Situation in Texas

Nonetheless, the Republicans would be advised not to be overconfident in Texas. The Democrats have an effective mail voting election that could affect the result of the election. The GOP underperformed in the state in the last election, so they should keep a close eye on the polls in the state. However, the Hollywood effort to devise a catchy Twitter slogan and steer millions of dollars of donor money to Texas is counterproductive at best. It may actually set back the Democratic efforts to flip Texas given the toxicity of Hollywood involvement in any politics other than those of California.

So we say to the Democrats reading to feel free to give $38 to Texas races. Moreover, make sure to specifically direct your money to Texas. On the other hand, the GOP will be spending money where the races are the tightest and where Donald Trump has his best chance of securing four more years in office. In the meantime, we will continue to flip the channel when old reruns of Seinfeld come on because Julia Louis Dreyfus just is not that funny and never was.

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