Biden Gives No Answers at the Debate As Usual

On November 3, voters are faced with a stark choice between two parties with very different visions. The problem is that one party is not exactly being transparent about what they would be if they won power in the elections. Joe Biden's debate performance was only the latest exercise in his failure to level with the American people about what he plans to do if elected. Biden has refused to answer basic answers about how he proposes to pay for the avalanche of spending he has proposed. Now, he refuses to answer about his plans for the judiciary, giving rise to fears that he may allow the radical Left to dictate that he pack the courts with activist judges.

Biden's Evasiveness Started with Court Packing and Continued All Night

Much of the talk about the September 29 debate is around the fact the Biden told the President of the United States to "shut up." What is lost in that discussion is what was actually being talked about at the time. President Trump was after Biden, pressing him to commit to an answer on whether he would pack the court if he was elected. The last thing that Biden said before telling the leader of the free world to "shut up" was "I'm not going to answer that question."

Not only do the American people deserve to know whether Biden plans to destroy the rule of law and the judiciary, they have a right to know his plans for the presidency. Instead, Biden offers vague half answers and hides out in his basement, emerging long enough to offer word salad to the American public. While people criticize Donald Trump's delivery, he is forceful and direct. He leaves little doubt as to where he stands on an issue. With this, he is doing his part to allow the public the ability to compare the two candidates.

The reason why Biden refuses to give concrete answers about his plans is that he has very few. Biden is a placeholder for the Left. He will occupy the Oval Office in name while outsourcing policy to the likes of AOC and Bernie Sanders. Biden cannot tell you that given the fear that the American public has of the Left. Most of all, he wants to get elected to office. He has been running for the White House since the mid-1980s and will do anything he can to get elected. Here, it means hiding the fact that he is a figurehead in his own party and does not have control. He covers that up by vaguely saying that he is the Democratic Party even though he is rarely seen or heard from with regularity.

With five weeks to go until the election, the American people have little idea of what Joe Biden stands for, which is shocking given his 47 years in office. Here, his entire campaign for the White House seems to thrive off the fact that he has so little substance. In other words, he is offering himself to the country as a bland and generic officeholder with little other explanation.

The Country Knows Exactly Where Trump Stands on Everything

The country knows Donald Trump well because he is very good at communicating his thoughts and view on a real-time basis. They know exactly where he stands while people know next to nothing about Biden's views. Biden has given very few of the policy speeches that presidential candidates give while running for office because he cannot. First, he may not have the stamina for long and detailed addresses. Second, Biden is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He cannot espouse views that would enrage the Left because he cannot afford to lose the backing of the Bernie Bros. Then, he cannot give voice to the socialists because he will alienate the American public.

Accordingly, Biden just offers up mush in public forums. At the same time, he has ceded control of the party to AOC and "The Squad." The mainstream media does not hold him accountable for his lack of transparency. Chris Wallace failed to press Biden on his vagueness at the debate and then tried to prevent President Trump from doing exactly that. The loser is the American public who will find out very quickly if Joe Biden wins that they really elected Socialists to power. By the time they realize it, their taxes will be higher.

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