Mail-in Voting Is Already Showing Signs of Widespread Fraud

The fiasco in which Democrats try to steal the 2020 presidential election through mail-in voting is already happening. What President Trump has been predicting for months is coming to fruition. This will continue unabated unless the Republicans are successfully able to persuade the courts to strictly oversee and limit mail-in voting where possible. It is another reason why there cannot be a vacancy on the Supreme Court in November, especially since John Roberts cannot be relied upon to do anything other than siding with the Liberal wing of the Court at this point.

The most recent outrage surrounding mail-in votes surrounds a pile of votes that were found in Pennsylvania. They were cast by military personnel. Given the support that Trump enjoys from the military, these ballots were overwhelmingly cast for President Trump. This is just one of a number of reports of mishandled ballots, predominantly in areas that would ordinarily favor Trump.

Trays of Ballots Have Been Found in a Ditch in Wisconsin

Mail carriers have already been discovered to have been sloppy in their handling of ballots and cannot be trusted to safely and fairly deliver election-related mail. In Wisconsin, the Postal Service is investigating trays of mail that were discovered in a ditch. This is just the start of postal malfeasance that will plague voting by mail. Even if the USPS were successfully able to handle the influx of mail-in ballots, the process is susceptible to fraud. All it takes is a few trays of votes in a strategic area to tip the election to Joe Biden. The USPS will be the 2020 version of Mayor Daley's tipping the 1960 election to John F. Kennedy by "delivering" Illinois for him. Given the closeness of this election and the prospect of multiple tipping points, having so many ballots mailed without accountability is a dangerous thing for the integrity of the election.

The worst part of this is that many of the key states in the Upper Midwest allow for counting of ballots after Election Day. Especially in the cities, there is a grave threat of trays of ballots mysteriously being "found" if the vote count looks like it is going against the Democrats. This happens during elections even in years when the bulk of voters vote in person. Late-night totals from Democrat-run cities end up tipping the election after all the other votes are counted. This will get even worse when there are fewer ways to police for voter fraud.

Varying the ways that people vote can spark a legitimacy crisis for the election results, especially when one way of voting has less security. It is difficult to get Americans to trust the results of the election when they need to wait days or weeks for the result, and they have no transparency for how these votes are being counted. Democrats have already pledged to take to the streets after the election, and there is the possibility that mob rule may try to intimidate local canvassing boards that are trying to count votes.

Be Prepared to Become an Expert in Each State's Vote Counting Laws by Election Day

Moreover, the myriad of different state election rules when it comes to tallying these votes will be a patchwork and a recipe for disaster. The average American will need to become experts in election law in order to comprehend who their next president may be. Terms such as "naked ballots" will be the 2020 version of "hanging chads." The result is that confidence in our democracy will be undermined. The tried-and-true method is voting in person with absentee ballots being made available with good excuse to do so. The states that are mailing ballots to everyone are ill-prepared to deal with the flood of ballots.

Given the uncertainty that the country is dealing with right now, American cannot afford to wait weeks to know who the next President is. Even worse is an election in which they watch mysterious vote counts start to change the leader in the election. The Republicans stand ready to legally defend the country's right to a free and fair election. The Democrats are borrowing tactics from Third World dictators such as Bashar al-Assad and Robert Mugabe when it comes to stuffing ballot boxes and stealing elections. Thanks to the Democrats' push for vote-by-mail, the 2020 election may be remembered as the time when the American democratic experiment ended.

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