Black Lives Matter Riots Have Now Caused the Most Extensive Damage in American History

With riots in American cities well into their fourth month, it is time to take a look at how much they have cost the American economy. The looters and rioters that Democratic mayors allow to have free rein in their cities have caused the most property damage of any riot in American history. Had it not been for the decisive actions of President Trump in sending in the National Guard, the damage would have been even worse. However, the economic effect of these riots will stretch far beyond the actual insurance claims that have been filed thus far.

Before the current riots swept Democratic cities across the country, the previous most costly disturbances in the country happened in the turbulent 1960s. However, even if you add up all the property damage done in the major American riots in the 1960s, they are a fraction of what Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists have caused today. By way of comparison, the total property damage in the six major American riots of the 1960s totaled $1.2 billion adjusted for inflation. This amount of damage is similar to what was caused in the 1992 riots in Los Angeles.

$2 Billion, and We Are Nowhere Near the End of the Destruction

This is less than what rioters and looters caused in the first week and a half of the uprising in American cities in just the first two weeks of the riots. They destroyed over $2 billion of property based on insurance claims that were made. Note that this number covers only a two-week period. In cities like Portland, riots have continued unabated as the Democratic mayor refuses to enforce law and order in the city streets. The only means of trying to get the disturbances under control is the federal law enforcement officers that President Trump decisively sent into the city. Thus, it is likely that the true amount of nationwide damage goes far beyond the initial figure, especially as cities like Kenosha have been burned to the ground in the riots.

Insurance claims for property damage are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to damage from the riots. Even if businesses have not been physically damaged by the mayhem, they are suffering economically if they are anywhere near the areas where the rioters are running roughshod. For example, businesses in the area that protestors in Seattle took over for weeks were not able to earn a living since people either could not or would not go into the area. Similar scenes are playing out across all American cities as large swaths of area are transformed into no-go zones for concerned and afraid citizens.

Apologists find every excuse necessary to justify the actions of those who break the law while they vilify those hired to enforce it. They minimize the property damage happening by saying that it is nothing compared to a hurricane. This means they have no interest in taking control back in the cities.

Things Will Only Get Worse with Joe Biden in Office

However, if you think that it is bad now, this is nothing compared to what things will be like in Joe Biden's America. President Trump has taken action to restore law and order to American cities. Biden will not do anything to ensure that Democratic mayors act for the rule of law. Biden in the White House means an America where rioters can carry on without any fear of consequences.

What we are seeing now is the normalization of violence. Even if mayors are not up on a soapbox actively encouraging riots, their inaction speaks even louder than any words ever could. Urban terrorism and violence is now being justified in very clear terms. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and the problem will only get worse without the federal check on the passivity of the mayors.

Unfortunately, the country may end up engulfed in violence this far no matter what happens. Far-left activists are encouraging supporters to violently take to the streets after the election to riot if Trump wins another four years. The alternative is that Biden wins, and the lawless find a friend in the White House who turns a blind eye as they destroy cities. Regardless, given the current dynamics, it will not be a surprise to find cities as smoldering ruins by the end of winter.

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