Authors and Leakers Acting in Their Own Self-Interest Try to Damage Trump

As book season is upon us, it is important to put everything into context when it comes to processing the multitude of smears levied against President Trump. When dealing with a book, it is important to consider who the messenger is and their motivation in writing the book. Some are in it just for the money, while others have an active agenda that they are pursuing. Most of the writers and "anonymous sources" behind the recent accusations against the President are out for revenge because they simply could not cut it in service of Trump or just want to cash in.

We are not going to lie and say that Donald Trump is not a demanding boss. He has been known for decades as one who expects the highest performance from those who serve him. This is well-known when one signs up to work for Trump. Like any decisive leader, he does not hesitate to make a change when something is not working. He does not tolerate subpar performance and moves on to the next person to do the job when someone is not cutting it.

John Kelly Could Not Take Being Fired So He Leaked Falsehoods

This was the case for such luminaries in the Administration such as Rex Tillerson and John Kelly. In the end, the President landed on solid hires such as Mike Pompeo and Mark Meadows, who are doing solid work for the American people. However, folks like these do not fade into the woodwork quietly. Kelly is suspected as being the source behind the article in The Atlantic that accused President Trump of disparaging the soldiers that he works hard for every day. The fact that he did not publicly come out and dispute this story like many other did is further proof of his responsibility. It is long been known that Kelly is out for revenge after President Trump asked him to step aside. The President was trying to replace a burnt out staffer who really did not want to be in the job. Nonetheless, Kelly is trying to settle a perceived score.

Much of the same can be said for Michael Cohen, who was one of many lawyers that President Trump employed over the years. Cohen got himself into trouble with crimes such as tax evasions and lying to Congress. Now, he holds the President responsible for his own misdeeds. His book is aimed at trying to rewrite history to make himself look better, notwithstanding the felonies that he committed. However, the liberal media is lionizing Cohen as a heroic truth teller in spite of his track record for lying.

Michael Cohen Needed the Money Plain and Simple

Since Cohen is an attorney who can no longer work and has burned through his money, he only has one way to earn an income. He took the only choice he had to try to keep up his Park Avenue lifestyle. Accordingly, people should take anything that he says in his book with a grain of salt. Tabloid-style accusations make money, and that is exactly what Michael Cohen needs right now. Just because something has a hard cover and a publisher does not mean that everything in its pages are true.

The third story in this trio is the one told by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. She is one of Melania Trump's staffers who was fired for misconduct in connection with inaugural spending. Wolkoff may be in some hot water for her actions on the job. She has tried her own rewrite of history by painting herself as the whistleblower truth teller and pointing fingers at the entire Trump family. Wolkoff submitted huge bills to Trump's inauguration and got rich off her efforts. However, when her bills were questioned, she pretended ignorance and accused the Trumps.

Perhaps Wolkoff thinks that she will be believed by the public because the notoriously private First Lady gives few if any press quotes or interviews. Wolkoff knows that her story may go uncorrected in the media because Melania Trump has a deep suspicion of the liberal media, so she will not put her own story out there. Noentheless, this is yet another example of a disgruntled former employee trying to use the literary press as a way of cleansing their own actions. The American public should be smart enough to see through this, and they should be very leery of trusting what is in these pages.

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