Why Liberals Are Barking Up the Wrong Tree By Calling Trump a Liar

There have been many accusations leveled against President Trump is books that have aimed at trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election. Voters elected Trump and ushered into power, and authors are now trying their own version of a journalistic coup to remove him from power. As much as Republicans should not endeavor to engage these unelected authors on their own terms, they need to point out that President Trump is honest with the American people in keeping all of the promises that he made in the 2016 election.

President Trump Works to Keep His Promises

The core promise behind President Trump's 2016 campaign was to Make American Great Again. This is where he has succeeded even beyond what he promised. Trump promised that countries overseas, both friend and foe alike, would again respect the United States and its power. Rogue states like Iran are on the run thanks to the pressure that President Trump has brought to bear. At the same time, China is no longer able to exploit America in one-sided trade deals that destroy American industry. President Trump fixed that by using the threat of tariffs to force China to the negotiating table. The result was a more balanced trade deal that creates American jobs.

President Trump also promised that he would get control at the Mexican border. While it took some doing, illegal immigration is on the way down as Central American countries have been forced to deal with their own problems when it comes to migrants. The United States is no longer a dumping ground for other countries' problems and unwanted migrants. At the same time, the wall is being built on the Mexican border, even if the Democrats would not cooperate on funding the vital border wall. Hundreds of miles of border wall have been built with more on the way.

Trump also promised to help the economy recover from the stagnation of the Obama years. Before China unleashed the virus on the world, the President did exactly that. The stock market was at record highs and job creation was the most robust in history. After the setback from the virus, President Trump is hard at work at doing exactly that again.

The Neverending Attempt to Play "Gotcha" on Trump Is Getting Old

Americans are obsessed with President Trump's credibility. Amateur sleuths are quick to try to play "gotcha" with the President, religiously comparing every utterance that he makes with tweets from back in 2013, all with the goal of branding Trump as a liar. What the liberal punditry fails to appreciate is that Americans have seen this country rise and are far more concerned with the greatness of the country and their own individual economic situations than the perceptions of the President.

If Americans are fixated on what they think the truth is, they should focus on the fact the Trump keeps the promises that he makes to the American people. That is the highest mark of credibility that a leader can achieve. You can compare his record in that area to that of Obama every day, and Trump would end up on the positive side of that comparison. The trust that Americans need to have in President Trump is that he will work every day to build the greatness of America. This is a trust that Trump has earned long ago and continues to build on every day.

While the press tries to use anonymous sources and literary hit jobs to try to smear the President, he has already built a bond with voters who believe that he is working for them. This is why Republicans need to focus on Trump's record of achievement in his four years in office. Americans have heard all of these accusations before about the President, and they do not matter when it comes to their assessment of his record of achievements. If liberals want to make personal attacks on the President, they can do this all day. On the issues that matter to people's daily lives like the economy and law and order, Trump has the upper hand.

Liberals can continue on their wild goose chase to try to make something stick to the President. In the meantime, voters know the truth when they see it, and that is that President Trump does what he says he is going to do and works to keep them safe.

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