Trump Downplays Rumors that He Called Fallen Soldiers Suckers and Losers

Trump Downplays Rumors that He Called Fallen Soldiers Suckers and Losers

Jeffrey Goldberg published conspicuous stories about President Trump in the Atlantic magazine that may have had some factual errors, especially with its so-called sources. The four sources were not named to protect their identities. The sources said that the President called crestfallen American WWI soldiers “losers” and “suckers” as they happenchance got killed in combat and did not come home to their countrymen soundly and safely.

Biden has seized upon this opportunity by calling Trump a coward.

Trump denounced such speech made by reporters by calling these people lowlifes and liars. Trump spoke to the media while he was attempting to board the military aircraft — he would never say such horrible things about fallen soldiers. No one loves and respects America’s soldiers more than Donald Trump. What kind of ferocious animal would say something like that?

Another close aide said the President refused to support John McCain or attend his funeral. He was a loser for being captured for five years in Vietnam. President Trump did not see eye to eye with the former senator from Arizona, John McCain. The senator blocked a vote to overturn Obamacare, and he did not want Trump to attend his funeral when he was dying of terminal cancer in 2018.

In such instance, President Trump did not hesitate to approve of flying McCain’s body on Air Force One for the nine-day funeral proceedings and lower the American Flag on federal buildings. Mr. McCain had a first-class funeral.

European Military Ceremony

There was also the commotion over the acknowledgment of the fallen military soldiers in Europe. Trump was supposed to attend the Aisne-Marne Cemetery in Paris with the French leader, Emmanuel Macron, but opted out after the team advised Trump it would be dangerous because of the long two-hour trek through Paris in heavy rain. Macron felt betrayed that Trump did not attend the planned visit to the Belleau Cemetery, saying that Trump puts nationalism before patriotism.

But who is more patriotic than Trump when it comes to America’s troops? Trump has made it his national calling to put troops first by drawing down American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Trump has championed pay raises for American military personnel.

  • Trump wants increased American spending for defense.

  • Trump has authorized veterans to get medical treatment outside of the VA medical system.

  • Trump has given amnesty to convicted military criminals for the international war on terror.

  • Trump has tried to block changing the names of military bases named after confederate generals.

  • Trump wants to end the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As to who could be the identities of the four sources that were naysayers? Trump stated that it was probably a few people in his administration that he had to fire immediately because of their poor political performance.

Trump’s Health

Biden has taken the opportunity to hit Trump at his claims of a clean bill of health. Recently, Trump’s younger brother died of an unknown illness at the age of 71. Both Trump and Biden are in their seventies, and voters may be concerned about the next President’s longevity in the highest public office of the land.

Trump had an unscheduled visit to the Walter Reed National Medical Military Center last November. Journalists and political pundits said it was because Trump was experiencing mini-strokes. This was nothing but salacious rumors to get Trump to be on “Biden’s physical level.”

Michael Schmidt, a prominent New York journalist, has a new book that is being released this week about the President — Donald Trump v. the United States. An exert from the book claims that Vice President Mike Pence was told to be on standby. He may have to take over the Presidency if Trump becomes incapacitated while undergoing a routine medical procedure. Trump denies such claims and fake rumors.

Biden’s Acuity

Trump does not want you to wonder who may be running America if Biden is elected. Trump continues to lash out at Biden of his deference for wearing masks at social events. According to Trump, “It gives him a feeling of security. If I were a psychiatrist, I’d say this guy has got some big issues.”

The real mantra for the hour is “law” and “order.” The radical left Democrats, with a grab for power, will leave the cities to fend for themselves against rioters and looters.

Violence will escalate, and economic security would diminish. Biden would appease the so-called domestic terrorists, while Trump would arrest and prosecute the would-be criminals. Trump tweets, there is “no crowd, no enthusiasm for Joe Biden” and then shouts, “Law & Order!”

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