San Francisco Rules That Even the San Francisco Elite Do Not Even Follow

Liberals keep saying that Nancy Pelosi's trip to the hairdresser in violation of local rules is no big deal. They accuse Republicans of blowing the issue out of proportion. However, the significance of what Pelosi did goes well beyond a hairdo. It is the symbolism that is important here. As the avatar of the Left, Pelosi is thumbing her nose at the same rules that she prescribes for everyone else to follow. It is a classic case of "do as I say and not as I do" that is what the Left is known for in this country.

COVID-19 has been the living personification of the nanny state approach that Democrats take when they are running things. Liberals like to pass rules that get deep into our daily lives. However, the things that are off limits for the rest of us are perfectly fine for them. Pelosi is far from the first Democratic official who was caught breaking rues that they passed and enforce. She is likely not going to be the last one either. In the meantime, Democrats insist on taking away parts of our daily lives that are ready to be restored.

They Tell You Where You Cannot Go While They Go There Themselves

The truth is that people are getting fed up and restless with overcautious closures and requirements stifling daily life in this county when the virus is on the wane. They are tired of being told by elected and unelected officials where they can go and what they must do every day. This anger is heightened when they see those same elected officials engaging in a blatant act of hypocrisy that they will not even acknowledge.

The same Pelosi who was recorded without a mask in the salon is the person who argued in the past for a nationwide mask mandate. She also railed against President Trump for giving his RNC acceptance speech in front of a small audience. At the same time, Andrew Cuomo has also been repeatedly seen in public without a mask, even after instituting statewide facemask rules. The mandates that these politicians are forcing on the public are bad enough. Seeing the politicians not following their own rules makes things even worse.

Compounding the sheer gall of this is that San Francisco city rules did not allow blowout services at a salon when Pelosi got her hair done. Even if Pelosi claims that she was only not wearing a mask for a minute, she was still at the salon in violation of the rules. However, she has refused to address that part of the story.

Pelosi's excuse for her actions is that she does not even have an excuse. Instead of apologizing or admitting that she was breaking rules, she merely blames the salon owner for "setting her up." She says that her only mistake was that she fell for the setup. This answer does not really cut it, nor does it assuage millions of angry people who do not have the same privilege to break the law without consequence that Pelosi does. Her answer to the situation does not cut it and sounds more like someone who regrets only being caught.

We Are Just Getting Started with Liberals Telling You What to Do

This is only a fraction of what people can expect if Joe Biden is elected and the Democrats gain power again. They should know that they will have a multitude of additional rules that govern every aspect of their daily lives that the politicians themselves ignore. They will be told how many hamburgers they can eat while Democratic leaders have a Big Mac party. They will also have their trucks taken away while the politicians drive around in a Hummer. What sets people off about liberals most of all is not the rules, but the hypocrisy.

In other words, the constant message coming from liberals is what is mandatory for you is not good enough for me. This comes as they criticize President Trump for not wearing a mask in situations where he would not even need one. Imagine for a second what would happen if they were to gain control of the Senate and White House. Their hair would take top priority while you would be locked in your own home. There is a reason why the American public's patience with the coronavirus restrictions is wearing thin.

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