Trump Triumphant as He Declares that Biden Would Destroy America

Thursday was a glorious night of politics. The Republican National Convention had what the Democratic National Convention was missing, 2000 people. Republicans proudly assembled in a show of unity, with Trump’s children showing support for his love of humanity. Trump thunderously accepted his party’s nomination for President on the South Lawn of the White House.

President Trump stood his ground during the 70-minute acceptance speech as he rallied against the poor showmanship of the Democratic party and its presidential nominee, Joe Biden. The attacks came suddenly and forcefully.

The USA has seen many months of racial and social upheaval in the big cities run by Democrats over police brutality. However, anarchists have joined the peaceful protests to fight against racial discrimination by inciting crowds and unwilling participants to riots and lootings.

Trump took a stance that he is for law and order. Democratic-run states like New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Oregon, are allowing the destruction of property with slogans to defund the police run rampant with no intentions to stop the vile display of anti-American democracy.

Trump accused Biden of failing to take down the rioters while trying to divide America along socialist lines. In this election, you will decide if it is best to protect American laws and citizenry against violent criminals and anarchists.

Trump spoke against the August background that this election will showcase the American way of living. We cannot allow thugs and criminals to dismantle our movement and freethinking politics.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump spoke about the sincerities of her father, and that he deserved another term as President of the United States. Do not let what you see in the media deceive you. Trump loves the American people. There is no guessing game here.

President Trump says exactly what is on his mind. It may come across as brash, but President Trump is sincere in his motives and actions. Even if you do not agree with him, or his use of Twitter feeds, love him or hate him, what you see is what you get.

An Unforgettable Entrance

The pompous atmosphere took on a celebratory nature. President Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, arrived late that evening and greeted welcoming guests at the gala event. Trump delivered his speech amidst large screen TVs that decorated the south lawn while numerous American flags decorated the outdoor stage.

After Trump’s speech, an opera singer bellowed out arias to the sounds of the night. Finally, a large display of fireworks erupted to delight the eyes. It would have made it easy for the festivities to make you forget that a category four hurricane just destroyed the town of Lake Jackson, Louisiana.

Trump’s Acceptance Speech

Trump drove home the message of criminal justice. He alone could make the system more pliable in stark contrast to the Democrats who have way more lenient policies. With the Democrats in office, you could have criminals ravaging your streets and paroling your neighborhoods.

The most vicious attacks were against the former Vice President, Joe Biden. He has destroyed American dreams and shipped American jobs overseas. Biden has sent America’s sons and daughters overseas to fight endless, senseless wars.

By favoring the Pro-Chinese agenda, Biden will destroy America’s jobs and hinder America’s greatness said President Trump. Biden will surrender to the coronavirus. He will allow the virus to dictate if the American economy thrives and prosper, or stay closed, destroying people’s livelihoods while children are unable to attend school. The economy must open swiftly. With these ideals, Trump has kept the Republican dreams alive.

Complete the Republican Agenda

Trump promises to complete the Mexican border wall during his second term. It will be beyond our wildest expectations. Trump has preserved the Republican agenda by cutting taxes on small businesses and corporations, limited immigration by closing down the entrance to the southern border, and by appointing very conservative judges to the bench.

At the end of the convention, Trump received support from a few of his friends. Mitch McConnell warned people to beware of the left agenda, which seeks to outfit the courts with liberal judges and unnecessary outlandish spending. The left even wants to monitor how many hamburgers you eat.

Rudolph Giuliani proclaimed Trump as a rock against mass riots and anarchy in America’s cities. Senator Tom Cotton took jabs at former Vice President Joe Biden. He would be a weak and incompetent leader for four years of his presidency, just like the last 50 years of his service to America. Trump is a President who takes a stand for America, not the person to bow down and take a knee.

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