Lawless Protests Are Having Their Effect on Your Safety

President Trump has spoken routinely about law and order. In the President's view, the attacks on the police and the lawlessness of the protestors will have very real implications for your personal safety. The effects of the sustained attacks on law enforcement and Democratic mayors' abdication of their own cities are already being felt. Not only is life more dangerous for first responders, but murder rates in large cities are skyrocketing. Regardless, this week's Democratic National Convention was a love fest for Black Lives Matter AND the protestors that are hastening the breakdown of society.

Police rely upon the consent of the people that they patrol since they are an instrument of the government. You can only have effective government with the consent of the governed. The instant that this begins to break down, anarchy and lawlessness increases in society. This is not to say that police officers are not above reproach and have absolute power. However, when protests cross the line and begin to attack the very being of police, it is a dangerous step towards a lawless country.

Attacks on Law Enforcement Are Up in London and Here

This is not just a problem in the United States. The effect of these lawbreaking protests are being felt around the globe. In London, the lives of law enforcement are being jeopardized by the Black Lives Matter protestors. Attacks on police officers are up nearly 40% in the city as the overheated rhetoric has emboldened criminals to physically harm police officers. Of course, the British Government is also complicit in this with a shockingly low prison sentence for those who attack police officers.

In the United States, the effects of these protests are being felt in the skyrocketing rate of shootings throughout large cities. Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago has been one of the most outspoken mayors when it comes to criticizing President Trump. However, her national profile comes at the expense of her taking care of business at her day job. One day alone this week, 20 people were shot in Lightfoot's Chicago. This included a nine-year old boy who was standing on the sidewalk with his mother when he was caught in the lawless crossfire of the city streets. This directly followed a day when 15 people were shot in the city.

The story is the same in nearly every other major American city. In Muriel Bowser's Washington, D.C., there was a mass shooting which killed a 17-year old child and wounded 20 people, including an off-duty police officer. All of this occurs while the mayor grandstands and basks in the attention for painting a city street.

Murder Rates in the U.S. Are Up as Police Officers Are Pulled Back

Murder rates in the United States have been skyrocketing since the civil unrest began in May. Large parts of American cities are becoming no-go zones for both civilians and police officers. The mayors of these cities not only show no interest in bringing their cities under control, but they also undermine the efforts of President Trump when he tries to bring law and order to the city.

If you want an example of what happens when protests tie the hands of the police department, you need to look no further than Baltimore. In the wake of riots in the city in 2015, the Baltimore Police Department cut back its efforts. Police officers lack clear guidance in the city and are afraid to do their job. As a result, the murder rate skyrocketed in the days following the riots and have not decreased since then. The city has degenerated into a dangerous and chaotic place, and it will be decades before it can recover.

This is what is now threatening to play out on a national scale in the wake of the anarchy playing on the country's streets. Police officers are demoralized and under attack from the citizens that they are tasked with protecting. They are also either being given unclear orders or none at all. The police officers that we have are understandably afraid, and prospective police officers are frightened away from the job by threats to their own safety. There is a very narrow window to reverse this damage, but the harm may have already been done. One can only imagine what the
consequences will be for law enforcement if the last defender of law and order is not given another four years in the job.

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