Big Tech Is Keeping You from Seeing Conservative Websites Online

Big Tech is seemingly hellbent on stealing the election for Joe Biden and the Democrats. First, Twitter has tried to infringe on the free speech of President Trump and his oldest son. Now, Google is started to suppress conservative websites in its search results to keep people off the sites. Google was called to task for its search results bias in front of Congress. Nonetheless, Big Tech is still employing dubious measures to put a finger on the scale in the November election in favor of the Democrats.

Twitter Is Censoring President Trump and His Son

First, Twitter insisted on employing its own "fact checking" to the tweets of politicians, a measure which it has employed in most uneven ways. Then, Twitter issued an amorphous dictate tha tweets that "glorify violence" would be marked as violating the rules of the platform. Despite the fact that the company has made millions of dollars of President Trump's countless followers, Twitter slapped this label on several tweets from the President of the United States. It followed that up by suspending the account of Donald Trump Jr. for 12 hours, silencing another major political figure on the Right.

Now, the effects of Google's search bias are becoming apparent. One of the major things that you need to know about the algorithm that controls what you see on Google is that you will not know much about it. Google's search algorithm is a great secret, and the company has great leeway to do what it wants when it comes to deciding what you will and will not see.

Google Is Suppressing and Censoring Right-Wing Websites By Manually Depressing Their Search Rankings

Now, right-wing sites are becoming victims of suppression and cancellation on Google. The most recent website to notice a significant dropoff in its internet traffic is The Daily Caller. There have been reports coming out of Google that have detailed that certain websites are put on manual informal blacklists that depress their search rankings. When it comes to visibility on Google, the search ranking is everything. Webstes with a low search ranking will rarely be seen. The CEO of Alphabet, the company that runs the Google Search Engine, even admitted that there were websites that were subject to internal lists in order to comply with dictates about "violent extremism." However, what is disturbingly apparent is that Google has almost unlimited freedom to do what they want to decide what you can and cannot see.

When it came to commenting on specific companies that have been subject to this treatment by Google, the CEO refused to comment. However, he did confirm that this list exists. It seems all but certain that this standard is not being applied to liberal news sites in the latest manifestation of the double standard in this country.

Conservative websites such as Breitbart and Daily Caller have detected that they are being suppressed based on their web traffic. Something seemingly happened to their web traffic on May 4. After that date, web views fell precipitously and stayed at these flatlined level. It is obvious that something happened around that time that caused the web traffic to drop.

Normally, searches of articles with the original headline verbatim will return the site with article. However, when employees of these websites did that search, they failed to find any mention of their websites. These websites were even hidden when they broke major national news.

When Big Tech was called to a Congressional hearing on July 29, the CEOs were made to answer for their behavior. They handled it in different ways. Mark Zukerberg threw his fellow tech companies and CEOs under the bus. Others wilted under challenges from their Republican questioners. One of the most dogged GOP Congresmen was Rep. Matg Gaetz who made Alphabet's CEO disclose that this secret blacklisting was happening.

What is appalling is that an American tech giant is giving the same treatment to an American political website that it would give to ISIS. The power that these technology companies have to suppress speech has gotten out of hand. This is exactly why President Trump is acting to rein in this technology companies. It is also why the federal government may be taking steps in the future to break up Big Tech so they do not have the power to keep you from seeing political ideas with which the CEO does not agree.

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