Joe Biden's $2 Trillion Climate Gift to Far-Left Extremists

Despite his masquerade as a centrist Democrat, Joe Biden continues to reveal his true colors when he proposes policy for his campaign. His most recent proposal is much the same as every other proposal. It involves large amounts of spending to keep AOC and the extreme left-wing of his party happy. While Biden never claimed to have supported to Green New Deal, his newest spending proposal borrows straight from the AOC playbook in pledging $2 trillion of taxpayer money. Where he proposes to get this from is unclear, but there are no doubts that it will raise your taxes.

Buried in the nonstop news cycle was a major announcement the other day from the Biden Campaign. It certainly involved spending and there was a "t" in the number that he wanted to spend. Even worse, the proposal did not have a "1" in front of that "t."

Biden's Plan Earns Plaudits from the Liberal Media While Risking Our Economy

First of all, any time an article in the liberal news media uses the words "aggressive" or "ambitious," you know that, as a taxpayer, you are getting taken for a ride. Unfortunatelty, this ride is in a Tesla that the left-wing crowd yearns for as opposed to a good old-fashioned Chevrolet. This proposal could not have been any better for The Squad if they wrote it themselves.

Where Biden's climate spending plan is a real disaster is for American workers. In the midst of elevated unemployment, President Trump has tried to cut regulations and give incentives for companies to expand their payrolls. In true liberal fashion, Biden's approach does the exact opposite. It throws up nearly every roadblock in the book to American workers right at a time when the economy would otherwise be booming. His plan adds layer upon layer of job-killing government bureaucracy that stifles growth and innovation. Biden would strangle the American economy with rolls of red tape that he personally proposes.

In addition, Biden's climate spending plan would signal the end of the U.S. energy industry as we know it. Less than a decade ago, we were subject to the whims of Arab sheiks when filling up at the tank. American drivers have not forgotten paying more than $50 at the tank to fill up their truck. The American energy industry changed all of that and made us the most powerful country on earth when it comes to fuels. Now, Biden would seemingly throw that all away in the name of a liberal fantasy. He will again outsource all of our oil production to unreliable countries that do not have our best interests in mind, and we will be reduced to begging the Saudis to turn the pumps back on like we were a decade ago.

Biden Is Hardly a Moderate

For years, climate change extremism existed on the far-left of the Democratic Party. Now, the left has become the mainstream, lending credence to what President Trump has been saying about Biden becoming an empty vessel filled in by all of the extremists in the party. One by one, his proposals are showing that he is hardly the moderate that he portrays himself as.

Where does stick with the prevailing liberal orthodoxy is that he proposes to spend $2 trillion without any concrete means of paying for it. We have seen this movie before and, buried in small print in the credits, is a sizable tax increase coming your way. Not only will you pay more in taxes, but American corporations that create jobs will see their bills jacked. You will certainly end up paying more at the pump, but there is a giant hole as far as how the government will fund its own contribution. Most likely, this would be through more debt as the U.S. morphs into Venezuela.

Even if you do not end up paying more in taxes, you may end up paying for Biden's climate adventurism with your job and your retirement account. Either way, Biden's $2 trillion gambit will have negative consequences that could reach as far as knocking the U.S. from its perch as the world's economic superpower. In the meantime, your cars will cost more, and you will be back to footing a giant bill every time you fill your tank. Since we all cannot afford expensive Teslas, the Chevy driving Americans will be left to foot the bill for AOC's takeover of the country.

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