Ilhan Omar's Primary Challenger Raises Very Big Bucks in Minnesota

Ilhan Omar is the congresswoman who energizes conservatives across the country with her overheated rhetoric. While much of what comes out of her mouth is dangerous incitement, in a way, she is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to GOP fundraising. One person who also seems to be having no trouble fundraising is her primary opponent as she seeks reelection to the House for the first time. Now, the fact that her opponent has raised over $2 million appears to indicate that reelection man not be a cakewalk for the controversial Omar.

The congresswoman has certainly had her share of gaffes and scandals in her first term in office. From her numerous America-hating outbursts to a divorce and remarriage under rather peculiar circumstances, Omar has certainly been in the headlines. Even the Democrats have an interest in defeating her since she has caused numerous embarrassments for the party and complicates Joe Biden's efforts to camouflage himself as a moderate.

If Money Is an Indication, Omar Could Be on Her Way Out

While Omar should certainly be seen as the favorite in her own race, there are numerous signs that she should not get overconfident in her race. In fact, there could very well be an upset brewing in Minnesota.

Antone Melton-Meaux has declared a primary challenge to the controversial Omar. Every time the socialist firebrand opens her mouth, money seems to rain down in Minnesota. Instead of coming from her supporters, it goes to her opponent because donors seem to want to shut an impudent mouth. In fact, Melton-Meaux has raised over $3 million for his campaign. His contributions are more than seven times the paltry amount that Omar has raised. Melton-Meaux will be able to advertise extensively in the moderately expensive Minneapolis market while Omar does not really have the money to get on the air.

Normally, one would expect that controversial politicians like Omar would spark donors from across the country to pour money into their challenger's campaign. Of course, money os coming into Minnesota as a reaction to the steady stream of anti-Semitism coming from Omar. However, much of the money that Melton-Meaux has come from within the district as Omar's constituents are just plain embarrassed by her after her years of vitriol. This may be a sign that her act is wearing thin at home as Omar seems to have overlooked her district in her effort to become a national lightning rod and celebrity.

One factor in any difficulties that the radical Omar may be having in her re-election campaign is the local backlash against the violent protests that struck Minneapolis. The city government and law enforcement ceded the area to the protestors, who then proceeded to burn large parts of the city to the ground. Along the way, Omar offered them encouragement. Many Minneapolis residents were horrified by the breakdown in law and order and may seek to hold the heroes of the violent Left responsible at the polls.

Omar Turns to AOC In the Hopes of Saving Her Job

Now, since Omar has legitimate reason to be apprehensive about her reelection prospects, she has turned to predictable sources of help to save herself. Perhaps Omar just took reelection for granted and focused on inflaiming public opinion rather than the necessary fundraising to keep her job. Seeing the writing on the wall, she has reached out to her fellow members of "The Squad" to save her own hide. Since Omar cannot raise money on her own, she has turned to the one member of the socialist Left who actually can raise money. Predictably, AOC has tried to come to the rescue of Omar and the other anti-Semitic member of The Squad, Rashida Tlaib with a "Squad Victory Fund."

The recent outbreaks of anarchy and lawlessness in the cities shows what happens when overheated rhetoric from the Radical Left stirs up trouble among the extremist elements in society. Now, there is a backlash against the politicians who have given encouragement to violent protestors in the form of primary challengers. Even Democrats are seemingly uneasy with the extremist fringes of their party and may be making an effort to beat back the socialist challenge before it takes over the party. Candidates like Melton-Meaux are the best hope for Democrats to avoid oblivion because a future of Omar and AOC will result in decades more of Republican control of government.

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