Biden Outsources Economic Agenda to Bernie Sanders and AOC

While Donald Trump has already built the most solid economy in perhaps the nation's history, Joe Biden is reduced to talking about a plan. Compared to President Trump's record of achievement, Biden's economic plan is a capitulation to AOC and the rest of the Squad. The last thing that Americans need as the economy recovers strongly from COVD-19 is a Socialist economic program. Yet that is exactly what they are getting as Biden has become a front for the Radical Left. One need only look to who Biden's partners are in formulating and releasing his economic plan. While Biden defeated Bernie Sanders in the primary election, Sanders has still gained control over the Democratic party since his proposals have gained new life in Biden's plan. In other words, Biden seems to be an empty vessel that can be filled in with the worst proposals from AOC and her other cohorts.

Using Trump Language for Socialist Priorities

Biden wraps his plan in Trumpian terms, recognizing the enduring popularity of the President's program with voters. He terms his plan as a large ""Buy American"" plan, trying to mimic the President's desire to put American first. However, this is where the similarities end. Instead of taking care of the average American voter, Biden tries to placate Hollywood and the radical fringe. Evidencing the fact that he has abdicated to Sanders when it comes to writing an economic platform, Biden has inserted an ""environmental justice"" plan into his economic program. The Green New Deal is not enough for Biden so he goes a couple of steps further. Not only does Biden lean on symbols such as the useless Paris Climate Agreement, but he also talks about ""social contracts"" with the American people. When Democratic politicians talk about ""social contracts"" in connection with any kind of change, it universally ends up with job-killing regulations that raise taxes. This was exactly why American voters put President Trump in office in the first place since these regulations were strangling American competitiveness. These environmental proposals were the handiwork of AOC herself. As part of his surrender to the Radical Left, Biden gave AOC a prominent part on the committee drafting the Sanders-Biden platform. This indicates that Biden will outsource policy to AOC should he win the White House. Many have suspected that Biden was an unenergetic front for the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party, and he is proving them correct.

Electing Biden to the Presidency Would Be the End of Capitalism as We Know it

Not content to lay siege to American competitiveness with environmental regulations, Biden pledged a full-scale attack on capitalism itself in his speech unveiling the economic package. His plan would start with undoing the corporate tax cuts that were a centerpiece of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. It was this legislation that brought the American economy back the years of ruin under President Obama and made American corporations competitive on the world stage once again. However, Biden would seek to raise taxes right as the American economy is recovering from the brief recession caused by the pandemic from which the economy is already recovering. A Biden presidency would not only nip a strong economic recovery in the bud, but it would also plunge the economy back into recession. What is plan represents is a wholesale attack on American industry, starting with the energy industry. His call to end fracking would cost tens of thousands of high-paying jobs in states like Pennsylvania. Yet Biden seems intent on capitulating to the most extreme voices in the Democratic Party. In fact, the centerpiece of the Biden plan, his $700 billion "Buy American" program, is nothing but repackaged broken promises made by Obama cloaked in Trumpian terms. The truth is that the only America that Biden will put first are the liberal elites in Hollywood and Manhattan while leaving the heartland out in the cold. Biden is trying to pivot to use language that can help him peel off some of President Trump's strong support from labor but is really advancing policies that will cost them their jobs. What he really needs to answer is how much he plans on raising taxes and how many new regulations he will try to impose. Biden has left President Trump an opening to exploit his superiority on economic issues at a time when Americans are looking to a leader with proven results.

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