Trump Jump Starts His Re-election Campaign by Striking Biden in the Heart

What perfect way to campaign against your political rival other than in his home backyard in Scranton, Pennsylvania? President Trump did just that.

Trump is campaigning hard in Pennsylvania. He won the state in the 2016 election by 44,000 votes. Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a city that appeals to the industrial revolution with 76,000 working-class citizens. Now, Trump expects to win the state again for the 2020 election.

“I was all set for Bernie because I thought it was going to happen,” said Trump. “And then we have this crazy thing that happened, right?”

The national polls had Senator Bernie Sanders coming out on top as the main contender for the winner of the most delegates for Super Tuesday. Out of the unknown, former Vice President Joe Biden just surged to the top the democratic rallies. He now has more delegates than Senator Bernie Sanders with 651 delegates. Sanders has 573 delegates. The presidential race will be very close with attacks coming out from both sides.

The Hearts of Voters

Voters are having second thoughts. Most voters made up their minds right before the Democratic primaries and just chose the candidate who would make the most sense in this hour. The results gave an exceptional awareness as to what political direction the country was truly heading.

In truth, Super Tuesday was a win for the moderate establishment and general politics without some push to the outer boundaries of unknown realms that the American populous had not previously discovered beforehand.

“So, mentally, I’m all set for Bernie — communist, I had everything down, I was all set,” said Trump. Instead of Bernie Sanders, Trump is now ready to attack Biden mentally and on key issues for which he voted on in the past.

The Inadequacies of Joe Biden

Biden is known to fumble his words and forget statements. He called “Super Tuesday,” “Super Thursday,” and forgot how many deaths in the USA were due to gun violence. His intellect is not where it used to be, which was jokingly inferred by President Trump as diminishing mental acumen. Unmistakably, Biden is a gaffe machine.

In addition to his less stellar speeches, Biden voted for the Iraq war, which he now regrets. His voting record on trade and healthcare was insufficient to meet the needs of the American public. And far as bankruptcy is concerned, Biden wanted consumers to have more restrictive access in obtaining assistance from the federal courts to wipe away their debts and get a fresh start.

The Results of Super Tuesday

While it seemed that Senator Bernie Sanders would certainly snag the Democratic nomination, the onslaught of Super Tuesday has changed everything. Elizabeth Warren had to drop out of the race since she failed to win any of the states in the Democratic primaries, including her home state of Massachusetts. Buttigieg ended his run for the presidency because he didn’t see a way forward.

Trump mocked Bloomberg since he spent $500 million on advertising across the 50 states and only managed to win the Samoa Islands. During the 2016 election, Trump only paid $70 million to win the presidential election. Moreover, Bloomberg’s debate speeches failed to garner any support after his late start to enter the presidential race.

And Presently, Biden won in states where he did not campaign on the ground. The African American vote helped push Biden to victory, especially in southern states like South Carolina and Texas. The moderate Democratic candidates, who have dropped out of the race, are now endorsing Joe Biden. Bloomberg is promising to do everything he can to push Biden campaign forward.

Fox News and the National Polls

Trump expressed light outrage during the rally with Fox news coverage. He regularly appears on the network, and the national polls have every Democratic candidate beating him for President of the United States of America.
Trump posted on his twitter account, “Why doesn’t Fox finally get a competent polling company?” It is hard to believe that Democratic candidates with a lackluster performance in the primaries can beat Trump in a general election.

Voter Concerns and the Coronavirus Outbreak

Rally participants were concerned about how Trump was handling the coronavirus outbreak. Per Trump, “As soon as we found out it was a problem, we did it.”

Congress just approved $8.5 billion in aid to fight the virus and provide testing kits to the hardest-hit states. Twelve Americans have already died from the virus, with most of the deaths occurring in Washington State from a nursing home whose residents were in their 80s.

There is no fear in tackling the coronavirus. Trump herald that he would not have any problems shaking his supporters’ hands while they were leaving the exit door.

The Budget

Finally, at the political rally, Trump addressed the ballooning budget deficit. The Republican congress was previously deficit hawks. While the deficit remains important, Trump is most interested in maintaining a strong worldwide military presence and strengthening viable trade agreements with neighboring countries like China, Mexico, and Canada. Despite the coronavirus, the job market remains healthy, and Trump keeps a check on Kim Jong-un and his nuclear aspirations.

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