Biden Goes Right Back to His 47 Years of Failure Before He Even Takes Office

The mainstream media has portrayed Joe Biden as the savior of the country since he claimed victory in the presidential election. However, Biden's performance in the first few weeks after the election is reminiscent of many of his previous failures from 47 years in politics. Besides having critically poor foreign policy judgement, Biden is also a terrible judge of competence when it comes to his people. Sure enough, his first hires in his coming Administration are a "Greatest Hits" from his previous experience, curating a collection of personnel known for weakness and incompetence.

Biden Reassembles the People Who Have Been Giving Him Bad Advice for Years

Joe Biden has established a reputation as being wrong on nearly every major foreign policy issue. The proof is in his long record of mistakes. However, instead of shaking up his roster of advisors to bring in fresh blood that is not tainted by the stench of failure, he has conjured up more of the same. If there is one thing that Biden likes, it is "Biden people." However, these same people have been complicit in his foreign policy bungling for decades. In Washington, the old adage is that personnel is power. Hence, you can see exactly where the Biden Administration is heading.

If observers ever needed a sign as to how bad Biden's personnel choices have been, it is that China has publicly expressed its delight. Biden is doing the bidding of the same country that brought us the coronavirus by appointing a foreign policy team that is more than soft on China. When the Communist dictatorship is crowing about how Biden's team would bring back a rational relationship with China, it is really saying that it knows how the Unites States government will kowtow to it in the future.

Biden's soft on China approach is exactly how the United States got into this current mess in the first place. This is the reason why the American voters hired Donald Trump to fix the mess that Obama and Biden left. China was eating our lunch and dessert for more than a decade, and Biden simply let it happen. Now, he is recycling the same exact excuse for a China policy that has already led America to ruin.

Perhaps every bit as bad as Biden's weakness on China is his taking the mothballs off John Kerry and giving him a prominent place in his government. Kerry was not only a living symbol of the weakness of the Obama Administration, he was a driving force behind the surrender in the Middle East. To resuscitate the career of the man responsible for the disastrous Iran deal is a sign of what is to come. Even though Kerry will not seemingly have a foreign policy role, Biden is putting him in charge of a major initiative of his new government. Putting Kerry in charge of anything reveals Biden's critical weakness is hiring people based on loyalty no matter how bad they are.

Weak Advisors Equal a Weak America When it Comes to Foreign Policy

The current mess in which the world finds itself on the heels of the Chinese pandemic calls for a strong approach to foreign policy. Biden's instinct to accommodate has never been more wrong than it is now. Biden is consistently wrong because he is consistently weak. The advice that he gets leads him to back down at every step of the way and abdicate in the name of American leadership. In the end, he puts too much value on relationships with allies that box America in and force it to do all the hard work. By going back to this approach, Biden is using a set of principles that did not even work in 2010 in a much more difficult time.

In fact, Biden advocates a return to what he calls "normal" when his normal was never really that good. Part of the problem with Biden is that his chronic need to play it safe allows dangerous situations to fester all over the world. His penchant for pacifying and placating makes America weak. If Americans watching the past week are getting a dreadful sense of déjà vu, they would have this feeling watching Biden attempt to get the band back together. Most people realize that they are getting bad advice and jettison the people giving it to them unless their name is Joe Biden.

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