The RNC Is Shining a Spotlight on the False Choice on Race that the Democrats Are Trying to Force

The Republican National Convention is more than just counter programming to the slickly produced Hollywood-style show that the Democrats put on last week. The country needs the RNC to focus on the many important issues that the Democrats left out or misrepresented in their multimedia production last week. One issue that the Democrats have consistently misrepresented is the fact that one does not have to choose between Black Americans and the police. However, the Left has constructed an alternate reality where show of support for the police is construed as racism against Black people. There is a way to oppose racism and support the police.

This is exactly the point of the RNC, to show voters that one can express support for the police without being viewed as a racist. The politicians that have spoken in support of the police do not hate Black Americans nor are they in favor of situations in which law enforcement officers cross the line such as the police officers who are charged with the murder of George Floyd. The Republicans have shown that they do not condone racism while, at the same time, supporting law enforcement as they keep our communities safe.

It is the Republicans who have done more to promote the advancement of Black Americans while at the same time promoting the rule of law. It is the Democrats who have created the false choice that says that people must agree with what lawless rioters are doing in the cities in order to be considered supporters of civil rights. There are no principles rooted in reality that require this.

One Can Support Law Enforcement and Civil Rights

Law and order and civil rights are not inherently in conflict with each other. However, this is a false narrative that has been concocted by the liberal media in order to stick unwarranted labels on President Trump. It shows the lengths that the media will go to in order to deny the credit that President Trump deserves for everything that he has done for the Black community in this country. If there is a dichotomy between the two, it is an artificial construct of the Left.

There is a way to synthesize the message of law-and-order with the advancement of civil rights. The Black Community deserves the right to be able to be safe in their own communities from the rioters who are burning down their homes and businesses. Law and order protects the Black Community every bit as much as White Americans. It is law enforcement that keeps the law and order, and they should be supported with the recognition that police officer who do break the law will be prosecuted.

Many have decried President Trump's focus on race during the campaign. However, the orthodoxy that the Democrats demand on race is a carefully constructed false narrative that there is no need to embrace. In fact, the Republicans are thinking about race differently that brings real benefits to the lives of Blacks in the United States. Not only does it lift the Black community up economically, but it keeps them safe in their homes while promoting a more compassionate criminal justice system. This is a story that needs to be told. To suggest that President Trump is racist for telling the story the way that he is keeps one valuable side of the story from being heard. However, this is exactly what the "cancel culture" does.

Republicans Are Starting to Win Black Support

Eventually, this will lead to the Republicans making even further inroads with Black voters. There are already signs that Black men are beginning to break away from the Democrats as many of them can relate to President Trump's message of economic empowerment. They see that he has kept the promises that he made in 2016 to be a strong supporter of the Black community. Black voters are starting to see that the Democrats are taking them for granted and are open to exploring another way.

This is fully on display at the RNC this week. It is another sign that President Trump is in touch with the pulse of the American electorate. In the meantime, even some Black voters are letting people know that it is acceptable to express support of law enforcement. However, the Left is attempting to bully voters into their agenda of defunding the police.

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