Pelosi Grips and Grins When Signing Impeachment Articles

In a show of the fact that she has no respect for the seriousness of the process of impeachment, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi treated signing the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump as if it were a celebrity event, replete with fanfare and commemorative pens. The only things that were missing were the oversized foam fingers and the marching band. This shows that despite her claims to acting with the fullest of gravitas, the Speaker is the third-rate politician that the President said she was after making such an unforced error that would further alienate the American public.

After holding up the articles of impeachment and denying the country the ability to put a quick close to this painful chapter in American history, Pelosi finally decided to send the impeachment to the Senate for a trial. However, she also simultaneously held a signing ceremony for the bill like she had passed landmark major legislation. It was Pelosi's behavior at the signing that many have called bizarre. Perhaps a more fitting description of her conduct would be unhinged. Even the late-night television hosts who have been notoriously hostile to President Trump could not help but roast Pelosi for her actions.

The Many Pens of Nancy Pelosi

While the proper name for the signing of the articles is called the engrossment ceremony, one could argue that Pelosi's behavior was just plain gross and an affront to the republic. When signing the articles, Pelosi used many different pens as opposed to choosing just one and affixing her name. Perhaps she decided to use one pen to represent each day that she kept the articles away from the Senate, whose job it is to conduct the trial. Pelosi then proceeded to distribute a pen to each House impeachment manager as a souvenir keepsake of the occasion, treating the signing as a pep rally for the Democrats.

Two dozen pens emblazoned with Pelosi's signature were set out on trays when the House members and the public entered the room. They appeared as if they were party favors for a birthday party. Pelosi smiled broadly as she signed a small piece of the articles and then proceeded to gift the pen to one of the minions surrounding her.

Impeachment is a grave development, especially when one party is using the occasion to overturn the results of a legitimate election. Never once did the House hear directly from a witness who had firsthand knowledge of the event. The best that Adam Schiff could come up with someone who claims to have overheard a secondhand phone conversation. It is certainly a dark day for democracy when the House sends over a partisan bill to the Senate, yet Pelosi was cheery and celebratory in a creepy sort of way.

Even the Liberal Media Was Horrified by Pelosi

While signing ceremonies are a tradition, this is certainly the wrong circumstances for pomp and ceremony. When it comes to Pelosi, the emphasis is on the word pomp as she has grandstanded and pursued a partisan agenda. Even the liberal press was critical of Pelosi in a sign of how badly she misread the gravity of the situation. CNN, otherwise known as the Clinton News Network was sharply critical of Pelosi for her behavior when signing the impeachment articles.

If the public had any doubts as to how the Democratic House leadership was viewing impeachment, yesterday's signing ceremony should be a dead giveaway for the fact that Democrats are trying to overthrow the President with glee. The pens themselves were symbols of the fact that impeachment is like a glorified trophy hunt for Pelosi and her cronies.

In fact, the number 30 should be all that you need to know about this partisan sham. 30 was the number of different pens that Pelosi used to sign the articles. In her display of showmanship, she changed pens for each stroke of her signature. However, this was a dramatic miscalculation and a misreading of the public mood.

Republicans in both the House and the White House blasted the signing ceremony. Minority Whip Steve Scalise could simply not believe the display. White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham accused Pelosi of handing out the pens on "silver platters" and then posing for pictures while smiling. All the while, Pelosi was signing sham impeachment articles that seek to remove an innocent president from office.

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